meditation | nothing makes us happy

I love you, but I don't need you.

I do not expect you to provide love for me and nothing you can do or seize doing can make me happy or miserable.

This is the kindest thing you could say to your partner to relieve him of the burden of producing happiness for you.

They will never satisfy that demand for you and sooner or later you will feel let down by them,

Why not simply relieve your partner of that impossible demand right at the beginning of your relationship? 

The quality of your relationship will improve tenfold as a result.

And those of you who are not in intimate relationships, who seek them or any other object or activity or state, make sure that you don't seek that relationship with the belief that it will make you happy. 

If you enter into a relationship with the belief that it will make you happy, you can be absolutely certain that it will one day make you miserable.

This is not a reason for not seeking an intimate relationship.

It is a reason for not seeking happiness in an intimate relationship.

Make sure your search for a relationship, an object, an activity, or any other thing comes from happiness and is not a means to it.

And then, by all means, desire whatever you want.

Whatever you want is then it through which you express your happiness, you share your happiness, you celebrate your happiness. 

So this is not a path of renunciation, but make sure your desire comes from happiness and does no go towards it.


If happiness was really caused by the relationship, then, as long as that relationship was present, happiness would be present.

But simply the fact that a relationship, an object, or an experience can make us happy one day and miserable the next should be all the information we need to enable us to see clearly that happiness can never be derived from an object, a substance, an activity or a relationship. 

What makes it seem that objects, activities, relationships cause happiness is simply that we say YES to that object, activity and relationship. If we say YES to it we experience happiness, if we say NO, we experience misery. Happiness has nothing to do with that object, experience, relationship, it had absolutely everything to do with what happens in our heart and our mind. 


Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Rupert Spira. 

His exceptional meditation here.