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Be yourself

A poem by Julian R. Smith You must learn that you cannot be loved by all people. You can be the finest apple in the world, Ripe, juicy, sweet and succulent. But you must realise, That there will always be people who don’t like apples. If you are the world’s finest apple, And someone you love doesn’t like apples, You have the choice of coming a banana. However, be warned, If you choose to become a banana, You will only be a second-rate banana. But you can always stay the finest apple. Now understand, If you become a second-rate banana, There will always be people who don’t like bananas. Furthermore, you can spend your life Trying to become the best banana, Which is impossible if you are an apple, Or, you can concentrate on being the best apple. If you are an apple, Stay an apple, be the best apple, And wait for an apple picker to come along. If you are an apple picker, pick an apple, Don’t pick a banana and try to make it round.