the face of change

I know I've changed, but I had to.

Life demanded change from me. I saw myself walking the path of pleasing others, letting myself down, and ignoring my own heart.

I knew if I didn't pivot, I would end up with too little joy and too much regret. So I did it.

I asked myself what I want. What I need. What would make me happy.

What would make my heart full. And the answers to these questions produced an entirely different version of me.

One that many didn't recognize, and one that many felt uncomfortable with.

But you see, that's because I was no longer serving them first. I was no longer putting their needs above mine.

So I let some people fall away. I wished them well, and continued on my journey.

And somewhere in this process, I started to find me. See me. Become me.

So yes, I have changed. Finally.

I've changed into myself.

Textul nu îmi aparține, însă îmi descrie integral ce simt azi, la două zile după reîntâlnirea de 20 de ani de la liceu. O revedere mult mai emoționantă decât mi-aș fi putut imagina.